About Crimson Creative

Crimson Creative is a driving force that concentrates on: creativity, communication, and ROI. We work with businesses small and large on marketing, branding, graphic design and advertising to all facets of video production, animation, web, mobile, social media, and more. We want to bring the expertise, resources, and creative minds of a robust marketing department to your team to build a competitive advantage, increase customer acquisition, & lead conversations.

Here’s a little about our story...

Crimson Creative is more than an extension of the brand. We are a sister company to Michigan Creative, and embody the same values of listening, problem-solving, and creating. Crimson Creative is bridging the gap for Michigan Creative to bring expert and innovative creative services to Virginia and beyond.

Found by Brian Town, Michigan Creative began as a small endeavor. It soon blossomed and grew into a flourishing company with a solid team of 12, brilliant, creative problem solvers that services all industries. In 2019, an opportunity came to expand the company outside of the midwest market, and through this idea, Crimson Creative was born with roots firmly planted in RVA.

Every client we work with goes through an initial onboarding and learning period for our team to educate ourselves about their company. By learning every point of value your business has to offer, we are able to solidify the public's understanding of their business as well as set all parties up for success.

All of our services and capabilities are a la carte to our client's needs. We understand every relationship varies. We work with businesses on single projects and all the way up to immersing ourselves as an external marketing department.

It's our core values, our people, and our creative approach that separates us from the other guys.

Visit Michigan Creative to catch up what’s happening with our team in Lansing.


Headshot of Brian Town
Brian Town
Headshot of Michael Kirk
Michael Kirk
RVA Manager
Headshot of Cassidy Oonk
Cassidy Oonk
Chief Happiness Officer/Project Manager
Headshot of Jennifer Putmon
Jennifer Putmon
Creative Director/COO
Headshot of Chloe Reynolds
Chloe Reynolds
Video Operations Coordinator
Headshot of Alicia Frank
Alicia Frank
Communications Director
Headshot of Brooke Whitney
Brooke Whitney
Social Media Manager
Headshot of John Allison
John Allison
Animation Director
Headshot of John Crafts
John Crafts